Why Use Complete Communications for CCaaS?

With so many options on the market where do you turn for a truly agnostic approach? Complete Communications has over 22 years of experience and can help through proprietary tools to determine which solution best meets your companies’ individual needs.

Complete has a unique positioning in the market and the ability to save you time and money. Complete works with every major CCaaS provider and our team of experts can help secure the best pricing as well as determine which solution best meets your needs. Because Complete works with every provider and carrier we can take a holistic view of your communication needs and help determine which offering can best support your customers.

Completes services are free to the customer and fully funded by the providers as they pay us an outsourced project management fee to ensure all parties are held accountable and ultimately successful for the customer.

10 Features Needed in Every Contact Center System

What features determine whether a contact center solution is a top performer? Here’s a list of the basic CCaaS features for building a strong foundation in your Contact Center.

  • ACD/Skills Based Routing : Getting calls to the right person the first time greatly improves productivity
  • IVR: Callers can handle routine procedures with secure artificial intelligence for convenient self-service
  • Call Analytics: Real time analytics are one of the most requested features from Contact Center executives
  • Sentiment Analytics: With Artificial Intelligence you can have the calls transcribed and analyzed to tell you whether the call was positive, negative, or neutral, saving you time.
  • Caller Priority: Priority alerts put key clients at the top of the call queue so you can give them the gold-star service they deserve.
  • Software Integration: Access to an API platform allows your developers to link your call center with your customized apps, preventing screen jumping and increasing employee experience and productivity.
  • Direct Inward Dial Numbers: DID numbers can create a local presence and build a more personal connection with clients.
  • Omnichannel Communication: Reports show that companies retain 89% of their customers when they offer  reliable service across multiple channels.
  • Call Presence and Internal Chat: With the call presence, agents can determine which team members are available before a transfer so callers aren’t endlessly on hold. Internal chat allows agents to collect data while on calls to help resolve issues faster.
  • Call Monitor, Whisper and Barge: With whisper, the managers can discreetly coach an agent, while barge allows the manager to jump in and help without having to put the caller on hold.

Where are the benefits of using CCaaS services in my business?

Here are some of the key benefits of using Contact Center as a Service

  • Contact center as a service permits you to access advanced features quickly.
  • Contact Center software companies are a better option over traditional call centers due to their speed in scale and affordability.
  • Setup for an on premise system may take weeks or months, whereas a virtual contact center can be operational in as little as hours and days.
  • Other benefits are – Speed of deployment, Lower cost of ownership, Access to real time data, Scalability,
    Improved business processes, among many others.

There are currently over 200 contact center software companies on the market. Instead of spending hours of time researching and analyzing vendors on your own, use Complete Communications experience and software to prioritize the best fit for your needs. Schedule a meeting to discuss your project here