Don’t waste your time contacting multiple carriers. When you want to identify the best overall solution with diverse last-mile providers, you need an expert by your side. Complete Communications can do this for you! As the perfect middle man, Complete Communications works with essentially every carrier globally to help you identify the following:

  • Last mile diversification
  • Most aggressive pricing at each location
  • Best performing and peering carriers for individualized networks

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Building ROI

How do you quantify your cost savings implementing SD-WAN? Let Complete Communications build the business case that meets your individual network requirements and leverages the proper carrier architecture. The ROI generated with Complete Communication’s proprietary dashboard technology demonstrates (on average) 40-60% cost savings for our clients' WAN each month.

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Project Management

If you don’t have the resources, time, or headcount to manage every carrier and circuit installed, Complete Communications can manage these processes for you at no additional charge.
Complete Communications tracks every circuit installation from site survey and construction progress to installation dates, as well as providing account numbers, circuit IDs and more for post-installation follow-up. All of this information is provided to the client in real-time.

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Fiber Locator

Building diversity in your network and finding the carriers available at each of your sites can be a hassle.
Complete Communications has access to fiber locating tools to help determine the best carrier at each location. From assessments of pricing, availability, and insight to lit buildings and fiber routes, Complete Communications can leverage this data to build the highest performing network possible at the best price point.

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Trouble Ticket Management

Submitting trouble tickets can be frustrating, and it can be even harder trying to do so with multiple carriers and sites. Complete Communications can provide a single pane of glass day two, which can support proactive or reactive trouble ticket management services regardless of the number of providers.

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SD-WAN Solutions

Specializing in SD-WAN solutions, we represent carriers globally with an agnostic point of view, build ROI’s, project manage circuit installs, and more.

International Specialists

Complete Communications specializes in helping international businesses. Our proprietary tools enable us to assist businesses with locations all over the globe.

VoIP Services

There are times when hosted PBX makes sense, and there are times when it does not. Complete Communications can architect a solution that is right for you.

Data Center Consulting

Complete Communications is a team of professionals who has experience managing global data centers and IT systems.