Blake Darling - President and CEO

Blake originally worked for XO Communications. After seeing there was a better, more all encompassing way to help customers, Blake founded Complete Communications, Inc. in 2002. Blake’s desire to find the best solution for the customer helped establish Complete Communications as a leading solution provider. This desire continues to fuel Complete by providing unique solutions to customers that can’t be found anywhere else. Blake is a entrepreneur at heart and has founded several successful businesses. Blake is married with four children to help keep him busy outside of the office. When Blake is not working, college football, sports, and spending time with friends and family are interests that Blake pursues. Blake is knowledgeable and likes to have fun at work!

Kendall Schmidt - COO

Kendall has over ten years experience in the telecom industry. Kendall enjoys being a telecom consultant, because he can put the customers’ interests first, which has allowed him to achieve great success. Kendall oversees Finance and Operations at Complete Communications. Kendall manages partner contracts and makes sure that partner commissions are paid accurately and in a timely manner. Kendall has a BS in Business Management from Brigham Young University. Kendall’s favorite book is 1776 by David McCulloug, his favorite place to visit is Washington, DC because it feels like home, and his favorite food is sushi because it transcends him to his second love, the country of Japan. Kendall is married with four children.

Mark Anderson - Vice President and CCC

Mark Anderson is the Chief Carrier Curator, working with customers to find the ideal mix of carriers to meet their company’s financial and technology goals. He’s a firm believer in supplying each business with all of the data and tools they need to make the most educated decision, and is always a great advocate for any questions or changes throughout this process. Mark created the Complete Communications dashboard to help clients easily understand and visualize the data and benefits of an SD-WAN deployment, allowing their business to tailor its final solution to their specific needs and make the best financial decision. Mark holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from Westminster College.